It has been from 1999 to 2008 that is 9 years or 108 months or 468 weeks or 3288 days , and not a day of it has went by that I have not thought about my sister who is no longer with me.

Every time I hear certain music, every time I see certain things, every time I think about certain things I think about my sister who is longer there to share my life.

I think about my sister who will never meet Debbie, or Mary, Or Krista, or Gabi, or Shyann, or anyone else that is part of my life.

I wonder what she would have thought about the ones in my life, I wonder what she would say to them I wonder how she would feel about them I wonder how much she could have influenced them or them influence her.

I wonder just how much they would have changed each otherís lives had she been able to meet the people in my life.

I wonder what Mary and Susan would have talked about. I know that Maryís history in the news paper field would have been something that Susan would have greatly enjoyed and I am sure they would have talked for hours about writing and the things that both of them seem to enjoy.

I am sure with Krista, Susan would have talked about me of course Susan could not resist telling all my little ways that I was such a brat to her growing up and all the ways to get me back. But I am sure they would have a fun time also talking about the 80ís music, As well.

With Gabi, I am sure she would have talked for hours about music and dating and boys and singing. They both love to sing and love to listen to music, both of them draw such feeling and inspirational thoughts from the things they listen to.

With Shyann I would think that she and Susan would have fun drawing and playing, Susan did love to color and draw as well. She also loved to do many other craft things from working with plastic canvas to working with cross stitching.

But atlas 9 years ago today those things stopped being able to be happening. But I can still think about how things would have been influenced had she been here to get to know the people that are in my life and the things that they would have talked about.

What things would have been part of my life if she was still here I will never know.

The only thing I do know is that I miss her.