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In Memory....

This is one of those types of pages I was hoping I would never have to write. But unfortunately, it has happened. We lost one of our own... as strange as it may sound. Some of you knew her well... some of you might have only heard of her due to the recent mailings on the mailing lists. I knew her from way back when the #duran channel on efnet was quite popular. She was also a big JT fan like myself and when John left, I wanted to start a JT mailing list and she came up with the name, Taylorbytes. I liked it.. so I went with it. She was the first person on the list. We talked often.. e-mailed now and again. When I saw the e-mails hitting the lists a few weeks back I freaked. I have not heard anything from her in some time and then I hear she is fighting for her life in a hospital. I hoped soo much she would pull out of it. Then yesterday. I saw the mail and I just was in shock for a few min. All I could say to my fiancee was "oh no... she's dead". Damn, I don't think Susan even knew about that, me being engaged. I bet she would have been happy to hear about it though. Well shortly after I got that mail. My fiancee, who is a bit of a writer. Sat down and wrote the following...


Eulogy for A Female Stranger

We shall not meet in this life, but surely
it grieved hearts to bury you here.
You were young--
rich years ahead,
a life full of promise and glory...
destined never to be.
Did you sigh and say,
"This is all just a part of God's plan?"
Did you curse fate,
or beg for reprieve?
Perhaps you suffered...
you wanted only peace.
Mankind even knows such pain...
is death the only answer?
leaves no answers.
Only the gentle thought
that death...
whenever it comes...
always comes to early.
--Alyce Dixon, November 10th, 1999


I think it sums things up quite well actually. Well, I think I have rambled enough. Now is the part where I leave it open to everyone to leave whatever messages, thoughts, feelings, etc. they want to on the matter.

Thanks to Milt for his making of this Tribute to Susan.