Mirror Images

She yearns to look, but is afraid to know what will be displayed. It can't hurt her, this she knows. Yet still her lack of courage shows.

The first thing she sees is a child's eyes. Full of innocence and yet so wise? How can this be, echos in her mind. She looks away before there is something else to find.

The sight of the child was just the start. Now she needs to know what is at the journey's heart. Her curiousity reaches its full peak. She raises her eyes before the urge gets weak.

What will there be when she looks once more? She discovers it is exactly the same as it was before. The same, but different, the eyes of the former child. Now, she has the look of a woman wild.

She fights the urge to break the stare. She had the courage to take the dare. Her true self no longer an elusive kind. She was both woman and child combined.