April 20, 1999

This page is dedicated to the students, their parents and the teachers of Columbine High School.

Time will heal the wounds, but the memory like the flame that guards the names of those who were lost will always remain.



This is a poem I wrote in the days following the tragedy and wanted to share it with those who view this page.  It is untitled, but I do not think one is needed.

Faces of bravery never known,
Seeds of sorrow forever sown
In the hearts and in the minds
Of the students who attended Columbine.

How could they have known or even guessed
That two of their peers so darkly dressed
Would take their lives and many more
In such a way to even a perceived score?

A community waited, a nation prayed
As images of tragedy were so rapidly displayed
Hours passed, a story began to unfold
It was one of horror the students told.

An uneasy quiet settled as day turned into night
Those reunited gathered under candlelight
To wait and pray, rejoice and weep
The memory of this day they would always keep.

Details emerged a little at a time
The outcome of a rampage with no reason or rhyme:
Twenty four wounded, some in a critical state
Thirteen dead, all because of senseless hate.

If you would like to send a card or a letter of support,
the address is below:

Messages for Columbine
Communication Services
Jefferson County Public Schools
P.O. Box 4001
Golden, CO  80401-0001

For email messages to the students, follow this link
courtesy of KUSA Channel 9 News

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