Welcome to the Babylon 5 Universe. This is where you will meet the people who inhabit the station. Humans and aliens live and work side by side amidst a variety of dilemmas, diversions and routines. The station is governed by Earth Force, the military leadership of the time. So, without further adieu, I'll introduce.....

The Command Staff

John Sheridan: President of The Interstellar Alliance

Katherine Lockley: Babylon 5's Captain and Commanding Officer

Michael Garibaldi: Head of Covert Intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance

Zack Allen: Chief Security Officer for Babylon 5

Lyta Alexander: The Station's Licensed Commercial Telepath

Dr. Stephen Franklin: Babylon 5's Chief Medical Officer and Researcher

Since the station is also a place of diplomacy, there are representatives of many different worlds living and working aboard Babylon 5. The focus though rests on 4 distinct alien races. They make up the Advisory Council who are the new Alliance's governing body.

The Ambassadors


The Centari Ambassador is Londo Mollari and his assistant Vir Kotto. Londo represents Centari Republic on the Council. The Centari are a race where honor, wealth and prestige are the central values. They are extravagant by nature as seen by their decorative clothing and hair which represents their status in Centari society. Centari also have a reputation for being the most ambitious and underhanded race, especially when in the hunt for power.


Ambassador Delenn is the Minbar representative aboard the Station. Her assistant is Lennier, who is now back on Minbar training to be a Ranger. As a whole, the Minbari are a strong but reflective race, holding honor and truth as high values. There are 3 distinct groups: Religious Caste, Warrior Caste and Worker Caste. They are also the originators of The Rangers, a group of highly trained individuals who can be compared to the current day "special forces" units.


G'Kar is the Narn Regime Ambassador. He is an eloquent and passionate statesman for both the newly formed Alliance and the Narn interests. He has been recently selected to guard and protect Londo who is returning to his homeworld for a while. This is an interesting twist since the Narns and Centari have been bitter enemies for years. However, G'Kar and Londo have managed to make an uneasy truce and are building a fragile friendship between them.


The Vorlon Empire is represented by Kosh. Vorlons are the last of The First Ones, a group of very powerful, highly advanced worlds who have been around since the beginning of time. They are an enigmatic, secretive race who will only allow themselves to be seen when in an "encounter suit." It is said those who look upon the true face of a Vorlon are never the same again. There have been a few times when a Vorlon has left the confines of the suit and is seen as an "angel" or "pure energy."

A few others have been an important part of the Babylon 5 saga, but are no longer involved in the action. I'd like to introduce them as well.

Those Gone But Not Forgotten.

Jeffery Sinclair: Babylon 5's First Commanding Officer. Now Earth's Ambassador to Minbar.

Susan Ivanova: The Station's former Second Commanding Officer. Now Captain of a Battle Cruiser.

Talia Winters: Babylon 5's original Telepath. Now deceased.

Marcus: The Station's first permanently assigned Ranger. Now deceased.

Now that you have met the people of Babylon 5, I hope you will want to explore the other soon to be added sectors of the station. (The ships and possibly a quote section too)