The Library

Welcome to the reading room. From here, you can read some of the stories and poems that I have written over the years. Future plans for this room include links to other stories posted on the net and quite possibly even an "round table" story written by my friends, myself and perhaps you.

What exactly is a "round table story"? Simply put, it is a story started by someone which stops at any point in the writing and is then passed of to another who continues writing from the previous stopping point until they wish to stop and someone else takes control of the story from there. No one knows what direction any of the writers may take the story and the challenge is to weave a fabulous and credible tale based on what has been written previously.

If this approach to story writing sounds interesting and you wish to find out more about it, here is a web site dedicated to just this sort of thing.

Now, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and/or your favorite munchie and get comfy's Story Time!

Current stories will be posted in page format for a while then will be archived into viewable/downloadable text files for easier handling and storage. To download the file for later viewing, just right click on the link and select "save link as" or just follow the link for instant access. It's that easy.