Look now, look all around...

Welcome to my Planet Duran page. It's nothing fancy, just a heartfelt dedication to the band that
has captured and held my attention for the last 13 years.

Make yourself comfortable and let me tell you, in my own words and occasionally theirs, why
Duran Duran is so special to me.

Please, please tell me now....

I am a proud member of the Duran Class of 1984. That was when the journey began. The date:
March 31. The Place: Civic Center Coliseum, Charleston, West Virginia. I knew from the opening
sounds that this was no (forgive the pun) ordinary band I was seeing. They have a magic that no
other band had, has or will have in the future.

Like most of my fellow fans (Duranies, as we are collectively known), Duran Duran in any of their
incarnations has touched my life in countless ways. They have given me strength, courage and
inspiration when I needed it the most through their music. I have never met any of the previous or
current band members, at least, not yet :); my music, video and memorabilia collection is not huge;
but, that is not what is important to me. What is important is that I share some of what I have
learned about this band in hopes that others will understand what they are all about.

And now to enter into the Arena....