A Brothers thought.

What would a sibling think about who has lost one of his siblings? What things would go through his head as the years went by? Would he still in some ways mourn her loss? Would he regret the past? Would he forget? Could he forget? Should he forget? Did he forget? These are the things that you have to wonder and the things that you have to ask yourself as time passes after you have lost that connection to your sibling.

The pages seen here are my journal of thoughs over the years about my only sister, you will notice that at first for the first few years little was wrote. This is because the the wound was still to deep, still to fresh, still mending to allow it to be revealed. The death was always remembed, always mourned just not always wrote down in words. But it was somethign that was remembered in thought and in the dark recesses of ones mind

Year 6


Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 16