Stiletto Chapter 3


“I want the audio link on line in exactly three minutes.”  Kyrian Kavinishtray snapped the cellular telephone shut with a flick of her wrist.  She drummed her well manicured fingers on the desk top before glancing at the report in front of her.  She pressed her lips into a thin line.  Idiots.  Mallory would bungle a simple street crossing.  This assignment should have been mine in the first place.   Kyrian turned to Stefan Malasovich, her lieutenant, and motioned for him.  “Tell Mallory’s stellar examples of competency to report for debriefing.”

            She surveyed the field office, pleased with the results.  Her highly trained staff had everything operational in less than twenty four hours.  They were the best unit in the Stilleto Strike Force; Kyrian had personally selected every member.  Already one of the youngest to command a team, she had achieved legend status in the organization in only a few short years.  She was a brilliant tactician and completed each assignment with a ruthless efficiency that quickly became her trademark.  Her phenomenal rise through the ranks took just four years; however, she was not content to rest on her laurels.